Couch Potato LabGrade 1


First, you will need to download the It’s ALIIIIVE lab manual, which can be found here:

We recently explored different states of matter – determining what was a solid, liquid, or gas! Have you ever looked around and thought about what things are living or non-living? The family you live with might come to mind because just like you, they are very much alive. You also may think about your pets, if you have any, and how they move, breathe, excrete waste, and perform many more tasks similar to the tasks you and I would perform. How about your houseplants? They don’t move, but do they breathe? We don’t have to pick up their poop, but do they excrete waste?

This activity will help determine what things around us are living and what things are non-living based on eight scientific principals that determine life! You may be surprised by a few!!

How long ago do you think the first living thing walked this Earth? What do you think it was? Did they swim or walk? What did they eat? These questions and more will be answered in this episode.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection: LT1.1: Differentiate between living things according to observable characteristics, including appearance and behaviour.

Check out what we did last time by clicking “Crystal Paint – June 15th”, linked below.