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Cloud in a Jar

First, you will need to download the Cloud in a Jar lab manual, which can be found here:

We explored states of matter in our activity Crystal Paint, specifically how those states of matter can change. In this activity, we will determine whether or not those state changes are reversible or non-reversible.

If you were to crack an egg in a pan and cook it on your stovetop, would you be able to somehow uncook that egg? What if you did it in the oven or microwave instead? What about if you add salt and pepper? The process of cooking is an example of a non-reversible change. Whatever we cooked will never be able to return to it’s original form. If you burn the cupcakes you made for your friends birthday, you sadly cannot start over without making a whole new batter.

What about rain? Simply put, moisture in a liquid state rises into the atmosphere, cools, and collects in clouds, a gaseous state. These droplets become heavy and fall in the form as rain. The cyclical process repeats itself over and over again across our planet. Is this a reversible state change? The answer would be yes! This is because the liquid turns into a gas and back into a liquid.

What are some other examples of reversible and non-reversible state changes, and how exactly do they work? These questions and more will be explored in this activity!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections: LS2.2: Investigate interactions between liquids and solids, and technologies based on those interactions. MC5.2: Investigate how reversible and non-reversible changes, including changes of state, alter materials. MS7.3: Investigate the properties and applications of solutions, including solubility and concentration.

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