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Space Safety!

First, you will need to download the Space Safety! lab manual, which can be found here:

Astronauts are pretty cool people with even cooler jobs. They explore space! The stars, moons, and planets in our galaxy and beyond. They are required to face a variety of conditions that are different than conditions we encounter on Earth. For example, we know we will need winter coats in cold months. These coats keep us safe, as we have discussed in our episode Baby, It’s Cold Outside. How to these astronauts stay safe? Especially when they are unsure of the conditions they will encounter?

This episode will explore technology used by astronauts and space scientists to better determine conditions in space, allowing the astronauts to be adequately prepared and safe.

What do you think you would need to go to space? Try creating a list! What would you bring to keep you safe?

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections: EU9.4: Analyze human capabilities for exploring and understanding the universe, including technologies and programs that support such exploration. SS6.3: Evaluate past, current, and possible future contributions of space exploration programs including space probes and human spaceflight, which support living and working in the inner solar system.

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