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Go With the Flow – July 3rd

First, you will need to download the Go With the Flow lab manual, which can be found here:

Have you turned on a light today? Turned on the TV? Or maybe plugged in a phone to charge? Have you thought of how the electricity travels to power these devices? All of these are powered by electricity. Electricity, the flow of electrons or charge, travels in a circuit. A circuit is the path that an electrical current travels on.

This episode will explore how to make a simple circuit and all its components, include a source of voltage, a conductive path, and a resistor.

How do you use electricity in your everyday life? Hint: you are using it to view this website! Create a list of ways you use electricity each and every day!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections: CE9.2: Analyze the relationships that exist among voltage, current, and resistance in series and parallel circuits. EL6.2:Investigate the characteristics and applications of static electric charges, conductors, insulators, switches, and electromagnetism. EL6.3: Explain and model the properties of simple series and parallel circuits. SM3.1: Investigate properties of materials and methods of joinery used in structures.

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