Friday Funday

Fly Me a Kite (July 17)

Did you know that the first kites made were made out of leaves? They were used to scare away enemy troops or send signals to their friends! Similar to planes, kites rely on forces of lift and thrust to fly in the air. As wind passes through it’s wings, a pressure gradient is formed. There is lower pressure above the wing and higher pressure below the wing. This allows the upward force, lift, to act upon the kite, allowing it to fly rather than being pulled down to the ground by gravity. Try making your own simple kite! If you would like to see a video tutorial, check out this YouTube link: (Try copying and pasting the link in the address bar).

If you would like to learn more about airplanes, kites, and flying objects, check out our #CouchPotatoLab episode: Learning to Fly.

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