Couch Potato LabLevels 10, 20, and 30

Ping Pong Duals – July 21st

First, you will need to download the Ping Pong Duals lab manual, which can be found here:

PING! PONG! That’s the sound of a fun activity. But what if you do not have access to a ping pong table?

Have no fear! In this episode, we will teach you how to create your very own Ping Pong game on Scratch, an online coding software. Coding, as explored in Soccer Scratch is a type of language understood by our computers that request it to perform a task. The language we will be using is block coding, a simple drag-and-drop style. An example of a task we would request of our computers is to rotate our ping pong ball each time it hits the edge. Without this code, our ball would come back in the exact same position it hit the wall at! That makes for a boring and unrealistic game. Give this one a try alongside us!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections:
ROBA21: Investigate the role of software in providing
instructions to a robotic or automated device
ROBA26: Investigate computational thinking as a problem solving process.
ROBA28A: Explore programming concepts using a block-based

Check out what we did last time by clicking “Seemingly Simple”, linked below.