Couch Potato LabGrade 4

You’re DINO-Mite – July 23rd

First, you will need to download the You’re DINO-Mite lab manual, which can be found here:

Dinosaurs! A fascinating type of animal that lived hundreds of thousands of years ago. We see them in movies and books as massive, aggressive creatures that are dangerous. How can we know so much about these animals if humans were not even around when they walked the Earth?

This activity will introduce you to palaeontology, a type of science that examines and makes claims through evidence how these dinosaurs lived life. This activity will allow us to step into the life of a palaeontologist and examine fossils!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections:
RM4.3: Analyze how weathering, erosion, and fossils provide evidence to support human understanding of the formation of landforms on Earth.

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