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Opposites Attract – July 24th

First, you will need to download the Opposites Attract lab manual, which can be found here:

Have you ever shocked yourself turning on a light switch or touching a friend’s arm? Why does this happen? This is the transfer of static electricity at work, specifically, the transfer to electrons, or negatively charged particles, that build up on a surface. These move to a positively charged area as opposite charges attract!

This does not only happen with static electricity, though. In fact, all electricity involves the movement of electrons. In this episode, we will be building an electroscope which will help measure the static charge of a particular object! This way, before you touch that light switch or poke your friend, you can make sure you won’t be receiving a shock!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections:
ME3.2:Assess effects of practical applications of magnetic and static electric forces on individuals and society.
EL6.2: Investigate the characteristics and applications of static electric charges, conductors, insulators, switches, and electromagnetism.
AE9.2: Analyze historical explanations of the structure of matter up to and including: Bohr model of the atom

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