Couch Potato LabLevels 10, 20, and 30

Space Invaders – July 28th

First, you will need to download the Space Invaders lab manual, which can be found here:

Have you been following along with our Tech Tuesday Scratch Series? In both Soccer Scratch and Ping Pong Duals, we explore the introductory and intermediate skills necessary to create games and animations using Scratch, an online coding software.

This episode will explore a more advanced level of coding by creating a classic Space Invaders! Using what we have learned so far and picking up a few new skills, we will make a fun and challenging game together that you can play with your friends and family.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections:
ROBA21: Investigate the role of software in providing
instructions to a robotic or automated device.
ROBA26: Investigate computational thinking as a problem solving process.
ROBA28A: Explore programming concepts using a block-based

Check out what we did last time by clicking “Submarine Volcanoes”, linked below.