Teaching Resources

Publicly available teaching resources provided by EYES.

Educator Professional Development

We have launched an all-new professional development program in partnership with the Regina Public Library! Third Tuesday of every month, you can find us from 6:30pm-8:00pm at different branches around Regina offering *FREE* PD sessions- focusing on Digital Literacy! Half utilize technology and coding, and half utilize supplies found in your classroom! Upcoming sessions are:

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Have you attended one of our PD sessions, and need a copy of the lesson plan? Looking to see what we offer supporting our PD sessions? Interesting in learning on your own time? Take a peek at the free resources below!

  1. 15 TED Talks that Inspire Design Thinking
  2. A Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking – Stanford University
  3. About Innovation and Design – ideation
  4. Coding and Digital Skills Programs, Actua Canada
  5. Coding the Future: Actua
  6. Coding the Future II: Actua
  7. Design Thinking: A Method for Creative Problem Solving
  8. Developing Critical Literacies: What We Need to Know is a “Fake News” World
  9. School Stanford K12 Lab Network Wiki
  10. Educating for Democracy in a Partisan Age: Confronting the Challenges of Motivated Reasoning and Misinformation
  11. Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning
  12. Evaluating Sources in a “Post Truth” World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning about Fake News
  13. Exploring the Digital Divide: The Use of Digital Technologies in Ontario Public School
  14. Helping Students Identify Fake News with the Five C’s of Critical Consuming
  15. How do we teach students to identify fake news?
  16. How to Choose your news
  17. It’s Easier to Call a Fact a Fact when It’s one you like
  18. Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online
  19. Race Against The Machine: Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee
  20. School Stanford K12 Lab Network Wiki
  21. Skills in the Digital Economy where Canada stands and the way forward
  22. The Art of Education – STEM to STEAM with Design Thinking
  23. The New Digital Divide: Ensure all students have equitable access to quality digital literacy instruction.