All Girls!

Thank you all for your support in EYES Camp 2018! Please stay tuned for Summer 2019 information in the new year! 

Prior to registration, please review General Permission and Consent.

By registering your camper, you also agree to abide by the EYES three strike policy. EYES works to ensure the safety and well being of the children and staff involved in the EYES program. Please review this policy with your camper prior to attending the EYES program.



July 3rd*- 6thth

*No Camp July 2nd


July 9th- 13th


July 16th- 20th


July 23rd- 27th


Just 30th – August 3rd


August 7th*- August 10th

*No Camp August 6th


August 13th- 17th

Fast Facts:

  Programming – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday 
  Supervision provided from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm 
  One week = $225*; Hot lunch option available for $60. 
  Please bring a nut and fish free lunch Monday-Thursday 
  Unfortunately, no microwaves or fridges are available. 
  Campers are not permitted to use vending machines (they steal change!) 
  Water fight (weather dependent) & Pizza Party on Friday
  We have new curriculum developed each year
  Campers are not permitted to bring personal electronics, including: cellphone, personal gaming systems, iPads/tablets

The EYES All-Girls Program is a day camp at the University of Regina for girls who will be entering grades 4 to 9 this fall.  It mirrors our EYES camp program except your group is made up of all female staff and campers.  We also try to bring in a female mentor who works within science or engineering.

EYES Camp provides hands-on activities within science, engineering and technology. The activities are based on different themes days shown below. For instance, we would have a day dedicated to learning about Canadian science for our Canada theme day.

2018 EYES Theme Days
Maker Space Traveller Lab Scientist Sports Science
Dive into the exclusive world of being a Maker! Discover how things go from idea to project from the minds and hands of the worlds makers!

(Robots Included)

In a land far, far away… Scientists are the backbone of space travel! Let’s study the surface of mars, and look for life in the great beyond! Discover what is means to be part of a science lab. Microscopes and dissections are all part of wearing the clean white cost!

(Dissection Included)

Physics? In sports? Yes way! Lets discover how Hussain Bolt became the fastest man alive, or how divers use Newtons Third Law!

Why only four theme days?
Fridays are saved for our week-long competition, pizza party, water fight (weather dependent) & science show.

Important Information for previous campers:

In the past, we had two theme weeks of camp for Grades 4-9.  We have expanded our E-Design Codemakers program to encompass the same age range and thus have reduced EYES Camp to have only one theme week.  If you register for 2 weeks of EYES, you will participate in the same activities twice!  If you are interested in registering for two weeks of camp this summer, we recommend choosing one week of the EYES Camp program and one week of the E-Design Codemakers program.

Program EYES
(Gr. 4-9)
(Gr. 2&3)
(Gr. 4-9)
Dates July 3-6*
July 30-August 3
July 16-20
August 13-17
July 9-13
July 23-27
August 7-10*

* We no longer operate on holiday Mondays

Drop off and Pick up
Drop off and pick up will be in the Education Building at the University of Regina, just beside the ED Auditorium.  A map will be posted to show you exactly where to go.


This map will direct you to locations which are reserved for you to park in during the drop-off and pick up times, as well as the parent show on Friday for all of the summer camps.

Parking Map 


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