Board Members

Voting members

  • Derek Frostad, Previous EYES Coordinator 
  • Danae Friesen
  • Enisa Zanacic
  • Mark Regnier, Previous EYES Coordinator
  • Ben Fretaig, Previous EYES Coordinator 
  • Jordan Nixdorf, EYES Alumnae

Voting members have a genuine interest in the well-being of EYES. They volunteer where needed and provide advice to the board.

Non-voting Positions

The non-voting positions provide direction for the board from a broad range of perspectives.

  • Chair of the Board: The chair of the board is a rotating position among board members. The chair calls meetings to order, takes minutes, and keeps records of the meetings.
  • Faculty of Engineering Adviser – Dr. David deMontigny: The engineering adviser has signing authority and provides advice to the EYES Coordinator and board members.
  • Faculty of Education Adviser – Vacant: The education adviser provides advice from an educational perspective.
  • Faculty of Science Adviser – Vacant: The science adviser provides advice from an educational perspective.
  • Professional Engineer AdviserSherrice Lee, P.Eng: The professional engineer adviser provides advice to the EYES Program director and board member
  • Parent Adviser – Maria Chow The parent adviser provides advice from a parent’s point of view.