Three Strike Policy

EYES believes in providing a safe and inclusive space for both all children and staff that are involved in the EYES programming, because of this, EYES has has a strict no-bullying policy.

To ensure this, EYES implements a 3-strike policy.

Strike 1: Child is given a verbal warning regarding the unwelcome behaviour.
Strike 2: Child is given a second verbal warning, and the parent or guardian of the child is informed via phone call at the time of the incident.
Strike 3: Parent is called and the child removed from EYES. No refund is issued.

Strikes are issued at the discretion of the staff. All staff are trained formally on classroom management and classroom safety.

Examples of common unwelcome behaviours are (but are not limited too): name calling, pushing, not listening to instructions, compromising the safety of other children (such as leaning back on chairs or throwing supplies), swearing, or stealing. At the beginning of all EYES sessions, staff review rules and expectations with all children involved in the program. Please review the rules before programming with your child! Rules are posted in all activity rooms.

Rules Poster

We look forward to having a safe and positive experience!

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