EYES Workshops

2019 Workshop Registration is now OPEN!

Fast Facts

  Workshop run May 14th- June 14th, with no workshops offered on Mondays!
Our workshops are 45 minutes long.

  Each grade has two workshop options that fit with the Saskatchewan science curriculum.
  All of our workshops now involve TECH and digital literacy! 


– The cost of a workshop is FREE for 2019 workshops!!
– If you are closer to Saskatoon, please take a peek at our sister organization Sci-Fi! You can see their workshops HERE.
– We have updated our booking process to make it easier for both you and us!
– All registrations must be completed HERE
– If you are unable to complete the online registration, please contact us at eyes@uregina.ca


1) Open the Teacher Handout 2019 to read the descriptions of our workshops as well as their curriculum connections.
2) Choose which workshops you would like to see in each of your classes!
3) Register online at bit.ly/WorkReg19
4) We will be in touch once your registration is confirmed. Due to the high number of registrations, we will not answer requests regarding the status of your registration.
5) If you have any questions email us at eyes@uregina.ca

See you in May & June!