EYES Workshops

Thank you all for your support in EYES Camp 2018! Please stay tuned for Summer 2019 information in the new year! 

Fast Facts

  Our workshops are 45 minutes long.
  Each grade has two workshop options that fit with the Saskatchewan science curriculum.
  All of our workshops now involve TECH and digital literacy!
  Are you closer to Saskatoon? Take a look HERE at SciFi’s workshops! 


– The cost of a workshop is FREE for 2018 workshops!!
– We are based out of Regina, if you are located more than two hours away we ask that you do not book any workshops before 9am. We do this so our staff does not have any extremely early mornings, thanks!


1) Check our availability on the workshop calendar 2018 !!
2) Open the Workshop Package 2018 to read the descriptions of our workshops as well as their curriculum connections.
3) Pick the workshops that you want us to run!
4) Fill out the EYES Workshop Paper Registration Form OR Digital Workshop Registration Form 2018
5) Send us the form and wait for confirmation. (contact information is on the registration page of the workshop package).
6) If you have any questions email us at eyes@uregina.ca