High School  Camps (10-12)

Masters Camps 10-12

New this year! Similar to popular Masters Classes, these Masters Camps are designed for high school students to gain a mastery of STEM. This half day camp program welcomes high school students on campus to meet researchers, learn lab techniques, and gain necessary STEM lab experience while exploring intensive content through and immersive, hands on approach. 

Why a half day? Our goal is to make these Masters Camps as accessible as possible, and we recognize that many high school students will be employed, or want to spend the summer with their pals. With this in mind, we aimed to create an accessible program where students could still enjoy their summer while challenging their minds. 

We are thrilled to offer three different Masters Camps: 

  1. STEM Masters Camp: in this program, students will explore research happening on campus by meeting faculty members and participating is research related content. They will gain experience with lab techniques, and explore the vastness that is STEM. Focusing of research at the UofR, students will explore how STEM intersects with their future career opportunities, while gaining a mastery of how STEM impacts our community.
  2. VEX Robotics Masters Camp: this program focuses on the every growing robotics industry. Looking at both hardware and software, students will meeting engineers and mechanists on campus to explore why robotics is so relevant today, and how they can make a lifetime career out of robotics and coding.
  3. Engineering Masters Camp: engineers play a crucial role in the maintenance, upkeep, and advancement of society. The UofR focuses on the systems approach of engineering and how each branch of engineering intersects with another. At this camp, students will work with engineers on a community focused project and explore what it means to take a systems approach.

To ensure that each student can experience this program to it’s fullest, we are only accepting 15 students per Masters Camp. Space is incredibly limited, so we recommend registering early to ensure your spot. 

Program Registration

Prior to registration, please review General Permission and Consent. By registering your camper, you also agree to abide by the EYES three strike policy. EYES works to ensure the safety and well being of the children and staff involved in the EYES program. Please review this policy with your camper prior to attending the EYES program.

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