The Couch Potato Lab

The Couch Potato Lab (CPL) are online episodes that cover curriculum-based content in fun and creative ways through experiments, demonstrations and activities!

Follow-Along at Home Learning

The Couch Potato Lab (CPL) is the newest segment brought to you by the EYES team! Social distancing during a pandemic meant no EYES workshops or in-person camps for 2020, but the CPL allowed a virtual love for STEM to grow. The CPL is a set of 58 hour-long YouTube videos that dive into all categories in STEM. Each video covers curriculum-based content in fun and creative ways through experiments, demonstrations, activities, and FAQ segments. Every episode includes at least one “follow-along at home activity” that is covered in step-by-step instructions in a lab manual on the blog.

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Grade 1 – 3


Grade 4 – 6


Grade 7 – 9


Level 10 – 30

Latest Couch Potato Episodes

Ep 58: Couch Potato Lab Finale

Ep 58: Couch Potato Lab Finale

You will not need a lab manual for this one! Just sit back, relax, and reminisce about a few of our favourite moments from the past 57 episodes. There will be drama, laughs, tears, awards, and bloopers as we take a look back on our show and how much it has grown since April when we first went live.

Ep 2: A Wacky Way to Weigh

Ep 2: A Wacky Way to Weigh

Let’s build our own SCALES with household materials and learn about weight and volume! Now let’s get a little WACKY!!!

Ep 1: Sink Or Swim

Ep 1: Sink Or Swim

What allows us to float on water? It’s buoyant force! We’ll be making an apparatus that stays neutrally buoyant in water

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