Extra Curricular Programs

EYES is committed to providing extracurricular programming to engage youth in STEM outside of the summer months.

EYES Commitment

EYES is committed to providing extracurricular programming to engage youth in STEM outside of the summer months. Below is a list of all of our wonderful partnerships! The goal in these partnership programs is to reach youth of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, so that we can (hopefully) ignite an interest in STEM.

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Mother Teresa Middle School

We have had the privilege of working with the youth at Mother Teresa Middle School for a few years now! During the school year, EYES instructors bring exciting STEM workshops to Mother Teresa every week. Students at Mother Teresa get to choose a daily after-school session to attend, and we are happy to be one of them. A wide range of topics are explored at the EYES session, and a hands-on activity is always included. All we can say is that the youth at Mother Teresa will move mountains one day!


All Girls Engineering Club

At EYES we focus on breaking barriers in STEM. Unfortunately gender is a barrier for women pursuing STEM. This is why EYES provides after school STEM programming specifically for girls! The program features the same STEM topics and activities as our other programs, with the added benefit of building the girls’ confidence in science, technology, engineering, and math. This past year the girls were able to build their own computer so the learning can continue at home! We hope that our efforts will see more girls consider STEM as a career path in their futures.


Regina Regional Science Fair

The Regional Science Fair in Regina is an annual event where passionate students get the opportunity to showcase independent STEM projects. EYES is happy to have the opportunity to attend the science fair every year to interact with these aspiring scientists! EYES instructors set up a booth to demonstrate new technology and interact with students. Along with this, EYES also runs workshops where students participate in hands-on curriculum-based activities. This is one super-duper fun day that we look forward to every year!


TRiP Club

 A common theme that threads throughout our programming at EYES is providing quality STEM exposure to youth who otherwise may not access this branch of knowledge. This is why we partnered with the TRiP program to create a STEM club for youth who otherwise would not be able to participate in fun, science programming. TRiP, which is The Regina intersectoral Partnership, aims to coordinate support, reduce barriers to pro-social activities, and increase school engagement for youth and families that exhibit behaviours or conditions that place children in a position of vulnerability. EYES provides programming to youth within the TRiP program. Our TRiP Club is more than an after school activity, it actively helps to reduce the vulnerability that these youth face everyday!


All Girls CFI Partnership

Girl Guides is a place where girls can come together to learn and grow. This organization became an obvious partnership for EYES as it would help us reach our goal of breaking barriers that prevent girls from pursuing science. And in 2019 Science Machines was born! CFI connected us with researchers at the University of Regina who used CFI-funded equipment in their labs. Girl Guides and members of our All Girls Programming were able to access these lab spaces through a partnership with EYES and CFI known as Science Machines. Once a month EYES hosts girls guides from across Regina to learn about a variety of STEM related topics through professionals in the field. The girls would gain exposure in a variety of labs which increases their confidence in STEM. Through our CFI partnership we hope that these girls will consider STEM in their future careers.


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