Coding Maze Mat-ness

Before we dive right into coding on the computer, let’s introduce coding kinesthetically! In groups, “code” your friend’s gross motor skills so they can save the robot through these coding mats. Jump, turn, and step until each mission is completed!

Help students understand the basics of coding before they even open a computer. Coding is a language used to communicate with computers, and in this activity students will be using coding language to communicate with each other.

Students will become accustomed to logical thinking patterns as they work towards a bigger picture. This bigger picture emphasises order and as well as the planning of routes and directions.


Grade 1 Science – SE1.1

Grade 5 Science – HB5.5

Practical &

Applied Arts






Arts Education

Grade 1 Art – CP1.1

Grade 2 Art – CR2.2

Grade 3 Art – CP3.1



Grade 1 Math – P1.1

Grade 2 Math – P2.1

Grade 3 Math – P3.1

Grade 4 Math – P4.2


Physical Education

Grade 1 – PE1.4 PE1.9

Grade 2 – PE2.10

Grade 3 – PE3.8

Grade 4 – PE4.12