Conditional Cards

Students will explore and learn how to use conditionals and logic to create their own card game! When describing coding and the logic behind it, many people will say that it is a set of rules and commands. With this in mind, it makes sense to have students create the rules using the coding language to create their own personalized games.


Grade 1 Science – SE1.1

Grade 5 Science – HB5.5

Practical &

Applied Arts






Arts Education

Grade 1 Art – CP1.1

Grade 2 Art – CR2.2

Grade 3 Art – CP3.1



Grade 1 Math – P1.1

Grade 2 Math – P2.1

Grade 3 Math – P3.1

Grade 4 Math – P4.2


Physical Education

Grade 1 – PE1.4 PE1.9

Grade 2 – PE2.10

Grade 3 – PE3.8

Grade 4 – PE4.12