Our Team

EYES is a Science and Engineering Education Program for the Youth of Regina and Southern Saskatchewan by engaging them in hands-on, fun-filled activities.

EYES Staff

The EYES team is built from a variety of undergraduate and highschool students. They bring experience from a range of STEM backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Some staff work part-time with EYES throughout the school year to provide additional programming that exceeds past the summer months. Over the summer, more that 26 undergraduates join EYES full time with 5 high school students for a summer full of camps and workshops! An overseeing board of advisors, an academic supervisor, and a full time Program Coordinator work to ensure the program continues to grow and prosper.

EYES Staff Mandatory Training

All EYES staff have and are required to have the following up to date training:

  • Positive Safety Network through URPride
  • Indigenous Engagement Training in built in partnership with Treaty 4 Education Alliance
  • First Aid CPR/AED
  • Classroom Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Hazardous Material and Safety



Introducing Brayden!

He has just convocated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. Brayden found a passion in science since a young age and has always wanted to incorporate it into his learning throughout his education. Brayden is looking forward to the new and exciting activities at camp, and to meet a bunch of sweet people. If you don’t know Brayden it should be good to know that he loves a good ole bowl of blueberries!

Meet Shelby!

 She just finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Kinesiology at the U of R. Her favourite thing about science is how there is so much hands on learning, with experiments and fun activities! She is most excited about getting to know the kids at camp, as well as sparking a lifelong interest in science and engineering for them. In her spare time, Shelby likes to cuddle with her puppies, watch Friends, and play sports.

 Say hello to Cat!

 She is studying nursing through the Faculty of Nursing at the U of R and Saskpolytech collaborative program. Her favourite part of working with EYES is being with kids and sharing the experience of discovery and wonder in STEM. She’s looking forward to Friday Fundays and the Science Show! In Cat’s free time she enjoys weightlifting and spending time with friends.

Meet Hannah!

 Hannah is studying biology and archaeology at the University of Calgary! Her favourite part about eyes is seeing each kiddo discover their own hidden genius! In her spare time Hannah enjoys hitting the rugby pitch and looking for her next outdoor adventure.

 Say hello to Bre!

 She studying nursing at the U of S. Her fav thing about EYES is giving all kids an equal opportunity to find their passion in science and engineering! She is so excited to meet all the future scientists and engineers that will be coming to camp, and for Friday fun days! In her spare time you can catch Bre on the lake soaking up the sun!

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