EYES Codemakers

 A fun space for youth to learn coding, digital design, robotics and explore the ever-evolving technology world.

Codemakers Value for our Youth

Codemakers, formally EDesign is our innovative, tech forward program! Codemakers is a space for youth to learn coding, digital design, robotics, and more! From developing Virtual Reality demonstrating, to rendering animations- Codemakers come together to explore ever-evolving technology, and how it connects today’s world!

For information about our Codemakers Clubs go here.

Codemaker Campers (4-6)

In this program, you will have mapped out lessons to help introduce to the software and hardware we will be working with. You will get a taste of everything! From 3D Printing and designs to Robots and coding. You will get to dip your toes in a multitude of tech-related topics. It will be a balance between instruction, self-development and challenges. **Codemakers Grade 4-6 will be offered every week. If you register for 2 weeks of Codemakers, you will participate in the same activities twice!** If you are interested in registering for two weeks of camp this summer, we recommend choosing one week of the EYES Camp program and one week of the E-Design Codemakers program.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop your photo editing skills
  • Design video games
  • Create your own web pages
  • Program your own apps
  • Build Arduinos
  • Use a Raspberry Pi
  • And much much more!

Codemaker Seniors (7-9)

This year the 7 – 9 program has EXPANDED. Campers will have access to tutorials but the program is self-directed with fewer instructor lead activities. With a project-based approach, you choose what you want to work on for the week! The 7 -9 program will be offered every 2nd week following the same curriculum!

In the Codemakers 7-9 program, campers will be building and coding their own video games, computer programs, computer animations, robots, and beyond! They will explore the possibilities of both software and hardware engineering which will be examined through the use of Arduino, Processing, Vex Robotics, Game Maker, Raspberry Pi, and more! We want to help campers find the intersection between their passion and programming. If you like music, you can use code to write your own songs. If you like art, you can generate your own artwork using code.

camp dates

June 29th – July 3rd*

July 13th -17th

July 27th – 31st

August 10th – 14th

*No Camp on July 1st

Program Registration

Prior to registration, please review General Permission and Consent. By registering your camper, you also agree to abide by the EYES three strike policy. EYES works to ensure the safety and well being of the children and staff involved in the EYES program. Please review this policy with your camper prior to attending the EYES program.

Please contact EYES at eyes@uregina.ca or 306-585-5209 with any questions or concerns.


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