Episode 28 – Don’t Be A-Freud of Psych

First, you will need to download the Don’t Be A-Freud of Psych lab manual

You have likely heard about biology, probably are familiar with chemistry, and you even might know what physics is. But do you know about psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind, brain, and behaviour. Experimental psychologists study these things through experiments and research. Clinical psychologists help people who may be struggling with their mental health or psychological problems. Together they create a plan and provide their patients or clients with resources for assistance.

In this activity, we will work through a few fun psychological experiments that will teach you more about your mood, brain, behaviour, and much more!

Sometimes, psychologists get a bad reputation. We often associate them or the individuals who seek psychological help as being weak or even “crazy”. The reality is, taking care of our brain is extremely important! Just like you would go to a doctor if you were feeling sick or see a dentist for a tooth ache, our brains can get sick too and psychologists do a great job researching and working with people to make them feel better. A healthy mind is a healthy body, after all!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections: P20.4: Investigate concepts of social- cognitive, dispositional and biological approaches to personality and their effect on an individual.