Episode 13 – Terrific Tesseracts


First, you will need your Terrific Tesseracts lab manual.


Let’s talk dimensions. Many years ago, perhaps more years ago than you would remember, the first 3D movies hit the big screen! You would watch with your funky blue and red glasses as objects would appear to fly out from the screen. Many of the shapes and things we see appear in the third dimension, or 3D. But, would you believe that four dimensional shapes exist?

These shapes are known as tesseracts. A tesseract combines two cubes together. Those cubes you may find yourself doodling on paper are merely three dimensional. Tesseracts, however, appear to have their own cube INSIDE of a cube. I think that explanation was a bit confusing, so it is best you try it for yourself alongside our fantastic EYES team! Try manipulating your tesseract-maker into various forms and see what four dimensional shapes you can create!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection: SS3.4: Demonstrate understanding of 3-D objects by analyzing characteristics including faces, edges, and vertices.