Episode 34 – Use That Noggin’


First, you will need to download the Use That Noggin’ lab manual.

In episode 27, Don’t Be A-Freud of Psych, we discussed psychology as the study of the brain and behaviour. But what does our brain look like? And how does it have control of our entire body?

This episode will introduce you to neuroscience and further describe how psychology plays a role in our everyday lives.

The brain as an organ is still largely misunderstood! To this day, there is still extensive research happening that aims to simply discover more about how the brain works. A bunch of brains thinking about and attempting to understand the brain… what a concept.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections: AN2.2: Compare the growth and development of humans with that of familiar animals. HB5.2: Investigate the structure, function, and major organs of one or more human body systems such as the digestive, excretory, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.  DL6.3: Analyze the characteristics and behaviours of vertebrates (i.e., mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish) and invertebrates. CS8.4 : Analyze how the interdependence of organ systems contributes to the healthy functioning of the human body. P20.2: Explore how spiritual, biological, cognitive, emotional and social factors influence the way we think and feel about the world. P30.7: Examine cognition as it applies to lifespan development.