Episode 5 – When EYES Gives You Lemons


First, you will need to download the When EYES Gives You Lemons lab manual.


Let’s talk about mixtures and solutions. What is the difference anyway? Well, a mixture is a combination of two or more substances. The important thing about mixtures is that you can see the different substances! For example, the cereal you may have eaten for breakfast this morning would be considered a mixture because you can see the cereal and the milk seperatly.

A solution, on the other hand, is like a mixture except you cannot see the different substances. With that cereal you may have had a glass of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is a solution because you cannot see the chocolate and the milk separately. Yes, I am sorry to tell you that chocolate milk does not come straight from a brown cow.

EYES will take you on a journey to explore whether or not the tasty summer treat lemonade is a mixture or solution.

Did you know the fist evidence of lemonade can be traced to ancient Egypt? It was made by mixing lemon juice with sugarcane. Lemonade made its first major debut in France, however, in the 1600s where it was made of water, lemon juice, and sugar just as we make it today.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection: LS2.1: Investigate properties (e.g., colour, taste, smell, shape, and texture) of familiar liquids and solids.
AE9.2:  Demonstrate an understanding of the classification of pure substances (elements and compounds), including the development and nature of the Periodic Table.