Episode 12 – Baby It’s Cold Outside


First, you will need your Baby It’s Cold Outside lab manual.


Brrrrrrrrrr….. Have you ever stepped outside on a cold day without your jacket? You probably felt a slight shiver. Why should we bother wearing jackets anyway? Sometimes they are bulky, uncomfortable, or unfashionable! This activity will help you realize their importance and use. You’ll probably never skip the jacket again!

Jackets have insulation to store warm air, layers to protect against moisture, and lining to retain heat. Using common materials found at home, we will design our own winter jackets that incorporate these three components to best fit different scenarios!

While jackets are an essential part of winter attire, some individuals go without jackets due to their high cost. If you have extra jackets that you have outgrown or are willing to part with, consider donating them to a local organization that accepts clothing donations!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection: HT7.1:Assess the impact of past and current heating and cooling technologies related to food, clothing, and shelter on self, society, and the environment. (a, c, d, f, g)