Episode 2 – A Wacky Way to Weigh


First, you’ll need to download the A Wacky Way to Weigh Lab Manual.

Please note – We made some changes to our activity schedule and will postpone our Vivarium for your Cranium activity until later.

Does your dog weigh more than your cat? How about a bag of hot flaming Cheetos vs a diamond marble? These questions are mind-boggling but we have the solution for you! Let’s build our own SCALES with household materials and learn about weight and volume! Now let’s get a little WACKY!!!

Fun Fact: The heaviest material in the world is Osmium. One handful of this metal weighs 35 pounds! If you were to fill a pop bottle up with Osmium, it would weigh ONE HUNDRED pounds!

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections:
SS5.3: Demonstrate an understanding of volume
SS3.2: Demonstrate understanding of measuring mass