Episode 10 – Friction In A Bottle



First, you will need to download the Friction in a Bottle lab manual.

Have you ever found yourself outside on a cold day without any mittens? You may have rubbed your hands together to generate some heat. Give it a try right now! How do your hands feel? Your hands are feeling warmer because you have created friction. Friction is a force that is created from resistance of two objects moving together. Where else can we see friction in action? Why is friction important?

Let’s test just how strong friction is in our activity Friction in a Bottle!

Friction is a very important force in our everyday lives. Even when we are walking, we experience friction between the ground and our feet which prevents us from slipping. What kinds of conditions or materials on the ground create the most friction? How about the least? How about in shoes?

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection:

FM5.1: Analyze the effects of gravitational, magnetic, and mechanical forces, including friction, on the movement of objects (h,i)